About the Festival

Guildford Fringe Festival

Guildford Fringe Festival is one of the youngest Fringe Festivals in the world but with one of the biggest hearts!

Guildford Fringe is an open access multi-arts festival in the heart of Guildford Town Centre which runs for the month of July every year.

In this historic and beautiful town Guildford Fringe Festival invites all artistic genres to get involved, it is literally open to everyone.

We are becoming know for edgy, exciting and diverse events that are shown at a number of venues in Guildford Town Centre which range from theatre, burlesque, comedy, children’s events, music, dance, exhibitions, talks, workshops and cabarets!

Taking place in July means that we attract producers, acts and artists to Guildford to preview their work that they are taking up to Edinburgh Fringe which is the largest Fringe Festival in the world! Can’t be a bad thing can it, to have some of these events in Guildford.

The dates for Guildford Fringe Festival 2019 are 3  – 26 July.

As mentioned earlier this a completely open-access festival and anyone can enter into the programme of events for a small entry fee. We can accept any form of art and, in our opinion, the more diverse the better so do get in touch and show us what you’ve got!

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