Friends of the Fringe

Support Your Local Arts Community By The Joining Friends Of The Fringe

  • Get a thank you on our website (With a link to your business website if applicable)
  • Invitation to all social and meet the cast events
  • Get a thank you in the Guildford Fringe Festival Brochure
  • Support your local arts scene
  • Become an important influential part of the Guildford Fringe Festival
  • Have your say in how Guildford Fringe grows and what direction we take.

£9 per month per friend.

To Join Friends Of The Fringe Click HERE

By becoming a Friend of the Fringe you are supporting Guildford Fringe Festival  and

Join over 50+ members

Just £9 per month, per member or couple.

To Join Friends Of The Fringe Click HERE

Our wonderful friends:

Gyles Brandreth – Patron

Jenny Seagrove – Patron

John and Kathy Eagle – Patrons

David Jukes & Caroline Gilroy – Patrons

Scott Hluhanich

Rita and Klaus Hardenbicker

Liz & Gary Kirk

Jackie Morris 

Dori & Chris Holyoak

Ian Watts and Chrissie Banstead

Neil and Steph Chambers

Nick and Maxine Edwards

Brenda and Wayne Patterson

Sallie Barker MBE and Phil Collier

Lesley and John Kershaw

Richard Fernie

Sue Dragon

Andrew Hodges

Simon Ash and Adrian Fennell

Faith and Simon Powell

Caroline and Rajiv Narain

Julie and Philip Tremble

Carole Coleman

Keith McDonald

Tim and Sandra Bateup

Helen Clifford – Helen Clifford Law

Matt & Marta Gaskin – Unigold

Matthew Gambold – Chadsan

Gilly Botte – The Great Big Event Company

Jane Lyons and Brian Matthews – The Keep Pub

Alexandra Vinall – Air Social

Peter and Suzanne Cluff – Guildford Philanthropy 

Mike Brown – Crystal Clear Finance

Dena Dixon – Pay-Nex 

Jane Carnall – Really Hungry

Darren Evans – Crown Imperial 

Jacqueline Newman – Boo Design

Pauline Sen – Flippin Image

Darren Stiff – Guildford Financial

Clive Harrison – H2i Insurance

Tim Day – Technical Electrical Services

Peter Voice – PHP Heating and Plumbing

Sue Carne – Not Just Travel

Chris Burton-Brown – Mylor Financial Management

Ian Blyth – C and H Marketing 

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