FAQs by Acts

Here are some questions we are frequently asked by acts… if your question is not here then please get in touch via the contact us page.

Q: Do we approach venues ourselves to book our events in?

A: No, we do all of this. If you have a venue in mind that you would like to use then you can write that in your application and we will see what we can do.

Q: How much dose sit cost to be in Guildford Fringe Festival?

A: We charge an entry fee of £70 and then work on a box office split on tickets. The split can vary depending on what you are bringing and how expensive it is for you to put on so we discuss this on a case by case basis usually.

Q: Is the entry fee refundable if we do not get a slot at Guildford Fringe Festival?

A: We do not take any money until you have a slot, this is not a deposit, its an entry fee. If you do get a slot you’ll need to pay the fee to confirm your date. Once paid this is non refundable unless we cancel the event.

Q: How long should our event be ideally?

A: Most Fringe shows are 1 hour long but we can accommodate any length of show, we just need to know all the details so we can place you in the right venue. We always say more is not more, if you know what we mean. 1 hour of quality is much better than 1 hour 30 of padding it out.

Q: What genres goes down well?

A: We are an open-access multi arts festival, all genres are welcomed and all genres go down well! Just bring your art to us!

Q: Can we chose our dates?

A: You can request dates and we will always do our best, there are no guarantees though.

Q: Do acts tend to do just one performance or do they do a run of shows?

A: We always suggest to do one nighters and sell them out rather than spread the audience thin by doing multiple nights. We have had runs of shows before, if they are local groups and they are certain they’ll sell more than one night. We just don’t want anyway to lose any money by over stretching themselves.

Q: What is the closing date for applications?

A: 13 March 2021 but the sooner the better!

Q: What are we expected to do once we enter?

A: Bring a brilliant event to Guildford Fringe Festival and have lots of fun. And of course market the hell out of your event as well. The more you get involved with promotion, the more successful your event will be.

Q: What does the entry fee cover?

A: Your entry fee covers venue hire, marketing support, website entry, social media support, brochure entry, technical support, front of house staff and general Fringe support.