“We can’t just sit here, wait it out… It’s not a bad trip, it’s a f***ing flood, George!”

Rosie Pierce’s “hilarious and heart-breaking” WIP show While the World Goes Under is at Guildford Fringe Festival on Monday, 26 June.

The world is falling apart. The world is going under. But they don’t run, they don’t hide, don’t try to get to high ground. They stay put.

Because their world started to collapse before the floods even started. The leaks and cracks were there before the rain. Under the surface, in the walls.

And then everything starts to fall apart in a night of heavy rain. And heavy drinking.

Over the course of an evening, Jo and George’s lives unravel, it feels like the end of the world and it could just be that….

Starring Charlotte Kindred and Elly Wilson

Directed by Anya Anderson Birch

Assistant Director Sam Smith

Written by Rosie Pierce

Content warning: includes references to and explorations of: abortion, alcoholism and the climate crisis (specifically flooding).

Monday 26 June


The Back Room of the Star Inn

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While the World Goes Under

By NickWyschna

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