Guildford Fringe Festivals headline venue for the 4th year running, The Back Room of The Star Inn, has been entertaining the people of Guildford for more than 400 years and is proudly continuing that tradition as the area’s longest-running live music and entertainment venue.

International burlesque bombshell and singer, Elsie Diamond brings her one-woman show, The Sensible Dresser to Guildford Fringe Festival. Inspired by her day job: dresser to the stars in the unpredictable world of costume. Set backstage in an opera house, this is a comical, sexy and heartfelt piece told through song, spoken word and striptease. With her vintage looks, a voice from a bygone era and exquisite costumes, Elsie transports you effortlessly through different decades whilst maintaining her very modern sense of humor. Join Elsie on the 28th July, 9-10pm at The Back Room of The Star Pub.

Elsie Diamond The Sensible Dresser

New and innovative theatre company, The Forge Initiative Productions, presents an original production about the forgotten yet rich history of our very own Guildford.

This local company consisting of graduates from The Academy of Performance Training perform The Hitchhikers Guide to Guildford which they devised, researched and wrote completely from scratch.

Directed by Jessica Beck, nominee for best director in 2015 Broadway World awards, they took to the streets of Guildford visiting local heritage spots such as The Spike Workhouse, the Guildford Museum, the Cathedral and the Guildford institute in order to get a broad view of the town. The play uncovers the hidden local celebrities such as the first woman to get a pilot’s license; the first best-selling cook book author, Mrs Beeton and the legend who wrote the anthem of the Suffragists, Ethel Smyth amongst other pioneers. They narrate the story through the eyes of these Guildfordians using dialogue from their real letters, work and art. This is sure to reveal some unknown truths about Guildford so don’t miss out on 25th and 26th July, 8-9pm at The Back Room of The Star Pub.

Hitchhikers guide to Guildford

Guildford Fringe are over the moon to introduce Surrey-based company, Friday Night Theatre Company, who are producing Amy Rosenthal’s one act-play, Henna Night. Featuring two women, both acquainted with the same man, who want to stay enemies but occasionally just can’t help being friends!

The story starts when Judith leaves a desperate message for Jack, her ex-boyfriend, on his answering machine telling him she plans to either slash her wrists or dye her hair and in addition, she might be pregnant. The answering machine message is shared with Jack’s new girlfriend, Ros, who hears the message and rushes to speak to Judith at the bedsit she has just moved into, alone. The meeting is an emotional and subtly humorous insight into the ease with which we can betray each other, yet the friendship we can feel when confiding in the enemy. Join this new theatre company on 8th July, 7pm at The Back Room Of The Star.

If you fancy a bit of comedy why not join rising star Kelly Kingham in his latest show as he struggles to find peace in an ever-changing world. At fifty, he suddenly realises he has never really felt at home; every time he gets himself just about settled something changes!

Join Kelly for a bumpy ride into the unknown; the destination may be the same but the journey makes all the difference. Finely balanced between theatre and comedy, Kelly beguiles and intrigues audiences leaving them wracked with laughter yet strangely puzzled – and that’s the way they like it. This isn’t just comedy – this is a desperate bid for freedom! On 29th July, 9-10pm at The Back Room of The Star.

Kelly Kingham_0102 2

Guildford Fringe Festival runs through out the whole month of July across 12 venues in Guildford. You can check out the full list of events and venues HERE or by popping into our box office in White Lion Walk from Saturday 25 June.

The Back Room of The Star Inn

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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