The universe is in chaos and life is in a state of flux. It’s the natural order of things, any scientist will tell you this. Except that Robert’s life is unmoving, unchanging. It’s static and yet he showed so much promise, initially.

Static is a spoken word show mixing elements of poetry and humour exploring issues of gay rights, identity, and growing up in Surrey.

Robert Garnham is a multiple slam winning published spoken word artist. He has performed all over the UK at some of the top performance poetry events including the Edinburgh Fringe and the WOMAD Festival. He was recently listed by the Saboteur Awards as one of the top spoken word artists in the country. His collection ‘Nice’ was recently published by Burning Eye Books.Robert Granham

Ian Beech, the poetry coordinator of Torquay’s Poetry Island, said of Static : ‘The show was absolutely brilliant: poignant, tender and confessional, (very often), hilariously funny, surreal, campaigning and totally life enhancing. A real tour de force’. And Ellie Davies, an audience member at the first performance said, ‘Static was by turns funny, thoughtful and poignant’.


Static: A Life Spent Going Nowhere.

Monday 4th July
The Keep

Tickets £5


Static. Unlike the title, it’s actually quite moving.

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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