Every now and again, a piece of theatre comes along that almost transcends the form, a work so ‘important’, that it changes everything we think about theatrical performance.

Think Death of a Salesman, Loot, The Crucible and Waiting for Godot.

Now. Stop thinking about them and buy some tickets for ‘Stabbed From Behind – the adult murder mystery’, the latest slice of filthy brilliance from the team behind Guildford’s Adult Pantos, the same brains that brought you Dumblow, Peter Pan & the Lusty Boys, and the unforgettable Sleeping Beauty Felt a Little Prick.

It will not be subtle, in fact it will make Mrs Brown’s Boys look like Othello, but after all, why have a double entendre when a single entendre will be even funnier?

It will be silly, smutty, downright outrageous, and very funny, but what more could you expect from the mighty creative weapon of James Chalmers, there will be twists, there will be turns, and there will be more red herrings than you can shake a rude shaped stick at.

Get your tickets, because as Shakespeare himself said ‘If you miss out on great theatre, you’ll look like a right Charlie, and if there’s two of you, you’ll look like a right pair of Charlies’.

This theatrical travesty runs from 1st – 18th July, and ticket details, and VIP Package options can be found on our website.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, this is an Adult Panto, and it is strictly 18+ only, so leave the kids at home and come and have a proper grown up laugh.

*This is a fib, or as we call it in ‘Theatreland’, a conceit, an underlying fictitious assumption that should be accepted by the audience.

‘Stabbed From Behind’ – The Show they tried to Ban*

By NickWyschna

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