Queen of Flamenco: Foot stomping non-stop laughter – it’s a comedy Ole!

Queen of Flamenco’s comedy arrives at Guildford Fringe Festival for foot stomping non-stop laughter!

Hilarious comedy and dance comes to the Guildford Fringe Festival for the first time – don’t miss this night of comedy – Spanish style!


What do you get when a flamenco dancer comes to the UK and tries to understand the British way of life? Like when a ‘passionate affair’ ends with tea and toasts? A night of laughter is the answer!

Queen of Flamenco is in Guildford searching for stardom, or at least a job! Confused and bewildered, her take on the Brits will have you foot stomping with non-stop laughter.

If you’ve been to Spain (or have yet to go) – don’t miss this colourful night of cultural comedy! Olé!



Sonia Aste: Queen of Flamenco

Thursday 25 July


The Back Room of The Star Inn

Tickets £7


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