Guildford Shakespeare Company presents Grimms’ Fairy Tales

Written by Nick Wyschna

Artistic Director of Guildford Fringe

I had the pleasure of seeing Guildford Shakespeare Company’s “Grimms’ Fairy Tales” last night and what a production it was! I sat throughout the whole evening in ore of what they have created, mesmerised by the cast and the setting.

Before talking about the Magical Mirror Tent, which Guildford Shakespeare Company have shipped over from Belgium, I have to say that to be that close to actors with the talent that Charlotte James, Andy Owens, Dominic Rye, Rosie Strobel and Amelia Zadarnowska have is a rare treat.

Producing intimate theatre is my passion but this is something else. The actors, quickly changing from character to character, had me the moment they came out onto the stage with a show stopping musical number by Tom Jack Merivale.

I can’t pick one of the five actors that I enjoyed the most as each of them brought something to the show and each made me believe every word of the script. They were, quite simply, fantastic.

The setting for the show is something that you don’t experience every day either. As you walk in and are greeted by the lovely volunteers you know straight away that so much thought has been put into this production. Transformed back to the 1930’s with the stylistic Mirror Tent, there can’t be a better setting to be told some of the most popular of the Brothers Gimms’ Tales.

Although this production is certainly suitable for children aged 6 and above I just want to make clear that it is just as suitable for adult audiences. Without sounding like I am trying to charm Matt and Sarah (the co-founders of GSC) into giving me a job in one of their shows one day (!) I can’t praise the show highly enough. It was everything that I love about theatre and I urge you to try and get a ticket before it closes.

Tickets start from £16.50. Running for 24 performances between 8 – 30 October, there are shows everyday (except Mondays), including Sundays at 4pm and a half-term matinee at 2pm on Wednesday 26 October.

The Mirror Tent can be found at the Challengers site in Stoke Park, Burchatt’s Farm Gate.

Tickets are available on 01483 304384 or HERE  – where you can also find out full information on the show.











By Guildford Fringe Festival

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