Jack the Ripper: Facts, No Fiction

Jack the Ripper

Philip Hutchinson / Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

One of the world’s leading Ripper guides and historians comes back to Guildford Fringe!

Philip Hutchinson is one of the world’s best known Jack the Ripper authors, historians and tour guides, having appeared in many television documentaries internationally and lectured in both the UK and USA as well as being co-author of the highly-esteemed ‘The London of Jack the Ripper Then and Now’ and sole author of ‘The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs’. He is one of only three specialist guides recommended in the bible of Ripper studies, ‘The Jack the Ripper A-Z’.

‘Jack the Ripper: Facts, No Fiction’ is being presented at The Keep, Castle Street, Guildford at 8pm on Thursday 9th July 2015 (tickets £10). Book tickets HERE

‘The best Jack the Ripper guide in London’ – Go Europe

‘Jack the Ripper: Facts, No Fiction’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Philip has taken tens of thousands of tourists around the East End of London for a decade. This show is a theatre-friendly version of his popular tour; a snappy, polished talk about the most notorious serial killer of all time and the unfortunate women who were his prey, fully illustrated and with a lot of jokes of occasionally questionable taste.

‘Philip’s presentation skills are second to none’ – Richard Jones

Philip is renowned in research circles for disapproving of myths and legends and the show, in association with Lucky Dog Theatre Productions, is as much a deconstruction of a century of stories as it is a fascinating education and insight into this darkest period of Victorian England.

Book tickets HERE

Jack the Ripper: Facts, No Fiction

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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