Introducing The Fringe Challenge!

How was your weekend?  If you headed down to National Armed Forces Day I hope you made it to the Guildford Fringe Stage to get a taste of the acts we’re bringing to Guildford throughout July –  or perhaps you were in a field in Somerset waving around your selfie stick while shouting down/whooping up (delete as applicable) Kanye West?  Either way, I hope it was awesome!


Just like Glastonbury we’ve got a diverse range of acts at Guildford Fringe Festival – alongside some top notch comedy we’ve got art; poetry; picnics; film; science and song.  Unlike Glastonbury we can also boast all weather venues with *carpeted* floors and an uninterrupted view of the stage and state of the art latrines (ok, pub bogs)!

Which leads us to The Fringe Challenge – it’s simple – TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Flick through the programme, close your eyes, stab wildly with your little fingers then go and see the act that your eager digit rests on.  At worst you’ll be a tenner down (max) but most likely you’ll come away having been entertained,  educated,  enlightened, maybe even eroticised… Try it, we’d love to know how you get on.

And for those of you too nervous to take up the challenge…. here are some tasty morsels we’ve pulled out of the programme for your delectation with a USP for the time poor.  Come on, now you’ve no excuse – click through for more info.

Guildford County Summer Exhibition – local; new talent; free

Songs from the Shower – bubbles; classic toons; in a bath robe

Anna Lou’s Contes d’Amour – smutty; funny; French

The London Poetry Brothel – intimate; award winning; cabaret

An Audience with the Kitsch Kittens – comedy & music; 50s & 60s; beehives

Karl Sparx – “Rude, messy, bonkers” The Guardian

Lili La Scala – eclectic; Tom Waits; music

You can see the full schedule HERE

Introducing The Fringe Challenge!

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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