Samantha says “When you are born shapes you even more than your family background. It’s been fascinating researching this, finding out the truth behind the stereotypes. And we’ve definitely got one thing in common: each generation is hilarious in its own mad way.”

Photography by Karla Gowlett

Whether you’re a boomer who can’t remember your pronouns or your passwords; or a millennial wondering who pulled up the property ladder while you were taking a “candid” photo for your Insta, this show will make you laugh as you untangle your Gen X from your Gen Z. 

Five years ago, Samantha was Head of Tax for KPMG in London.  Now she’s a winner in the comedy world, having won awards every year since 2019, so it seems fitting that the show is in the format of a gameshow (with rounds on social media, body image, money, and mental health). The finale is a surprise, as  Samantha ties us back together in a looser, more thoughtful way. 

The Generations Game is here for one night at The Keep Pub on Wednesday 10 July. There are only 30 tickets available and people had to be turned away from her last Edinburgh show; so if you want to see this one on its way to Edinburgh 2024, please buy early. 

It will be nice to see you. To see you nice.


Samantha Day: The Generations Game

Wednesday 10th July 

The Keep Pub


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Inter generational conflict has never been so unsmiling – it’s high time we brought some humour into the conversation . 

By NickWyschna

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