Audience members will create the victim and solve the crime in a hilarious murder mystery at Guildford Fringe Festival.

When CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation take to the stage, no one knows who the killer is; not even the cast!

The audience provides the victim’s name, their profession and how they were killed. From there the cast improvise a comedy play set during the aftermath and investigation.


With the help of the detective, the audience gets to grill the suspects in a police line-up before identifying the murderer.


“The play becomes a surreal crime comedy,” Nicola Lucey, of  The Chandeliers theatre company, said. “Every show is unique. We can’t wait to see what the Guildford audiences come up with!”



The show has delighted audiences for three years, including sell-out runs at Brighton Fringe, Leicester Square Theatre and at Edinburgh Fringe 2016, where audiences queued for an hour to see it.

Hilarious murder mystery created and solved by the audience!

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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