Late Night Shorts by Guildburys Theatre Company on 5 & 6 July 

Guildburys Theatre Company debuts at the Guildford Fringe Festival by taking audiences on a whistle stop tour of a US airport, a dysfunctional office somewhere in Surrey and a place where the future catches up with the past.

Late Night Shorts is short and sweet and to the point. It’s the first time that three 10 minute plays have been performed at the Guildford Fringe Festival. Six actors will perform nine roles with one actor, Amy Yorston, appearing in all three at The Back Room of The Star Inn, Guildford on 5&6 July at 10.30pm.

Director, Tessa Duggleby said: “I find 10 minute plays fascinating as the playwright has to tell a complete story in such a short time. These plays are funny and poignant and if you like a quick burst of theatre, this show is meant for you.”She added: “It’s a real acting challenge to assume multiple characters in just half an hour with minimal set and props, as well as engaging the audience quickly on three very different subjects. We want it to be a great way to end a weekend evening at the Guildford Fringe.”

One of the plays, Getting Warmer, by Tim Gomersall, set in a cryogenic future, has been specially commissioned and will receive its premiere at Guildford Fringe. Stuck by Scott Mullen is a story about two people who just can’t move on. It’s one of the playwright’s favourites of the 123 short plays he’s written since 2016.  And Desk Fort by Annette Storckman begins with an employee whose solution to avoiding the boss is to hide under his desk.

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By Guildford Fringe Festival

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