by Georgie Bailey

A play about who knows what.

Toby, Y and Z have lost Euan. Euan’s gone. Euan ain’t coming back. No one can know that Euan’s gone, cus’, well, they were ‘sposed to be looking after Euan. And if the boss finds out then she ain’t gonna be happy. Like, really not happy. So, they’ve gotta find Euan. Which would be fine, if anyone actually knew what Euan was.

Got it? Good. Let’s get begun.

EUAN delves deep into the nature of what we’d do to save our own skins in the most bizarre situations you think yourself into. A non-stop hour full of the nonsense of your everyday life, paired with outrageous mystery as the characters embark on their downhill journey with the audience to find Euan before anyone else.

This fast paced, abstract piece of new writing marked the debut of ChewBoy Productions when it premiered at the Tristan Bates Theatre in August 2018 to five and four-star reviews across a sold-out run. This year, EUAN is being reimagined with a new creative team, taking it to its next professional stage; touring around three fringe festivals through 2019 with the original cast, continuing the bizarre and abstract vision of the show.

ChewBoy Productions is an emerging, collective company dedicated to producing work envisioned and created by young people which sticks, entertains and reflects. Ultimately, we create work which gives you something to chew on long after you’ve experienced it first-hand.

Winner of the IYAF Best of Brighton Fringe Award (Theatre) 2019

“Brave, baffling and brilliant to boot” 4 stars from Broadway Baby

“EUAN is a truly peerless invention.” BN1 Magazine

“The ‘Chewboys’ are definitely a theatrical force to be reckoned with, and it will be fascinating to see their undoubted talent develop in the near future.”  The Review Chap

“Downright bewildering, but also bloody brilliant. Most companies making their London debut don’t have the courage to introduce themselves with something as quirky as this.”  Views From The Gods

LOCATION: The Back Room, Star Inn

DATE: 14/07/2019

TIME: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Full details and booking HERE

EUAN by Chewboy Productions

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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