‘He is a genial presence, not manic like Tim Vine, not wonderfully nerdy like Gary Delaney and deadpan like Jimmy Carr, but very much his own mirth maker’  


Critically acclaimed comedian Darren Walsh makes his debut at Guildford Fringe Festival with his new show ‘S’PUN’. This is the finished follow up to last year’s work-in-progress. Walsh breathes new life into the art of one-liners with his unique blend of award winning jokes animations, videos, sound effects, drawings and ad-libbing.



In this year’s show Peterborough born Darren invites the audience to ‘spin’ a virtual wheel-of-fortune on screen to receive prizes. Don’t imagine trips to the Caribbean or cash prizes, these are more in the form of a personalised serenade, a caricature drawing, a hug, or even just the opportunity to go on holiday with Darren to Glasgow for the afternoon.

‘Walsh is all set to become the new ruler of the comedy kingdom’


In 2015, Darren debuted 4 years worth of jokes in an hour, was called ‘Dave’ by Eamonn Holmes live on Sky TV and was asked to re-tell the joke of the fringe so many times into a camera that it wasn’t funny any more. This left Darren’s head spinning, but also inspired him to write as many new jokes as possible.

‘a tall guy with a big talent for short jokes’


A year after starting stand up, Darren received the bronze medal at the Laughing Horse New Act new act of the year. In 2012 he was listed in Timeout’s as “One to Watch” and later that year going on to win the 2012 Luton Comedian of the year.

In 2013, Darren was again awarded a bronze medal at the NATYs, and then later that year won the very first Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of the year. In 2014, Darren became the UK’s first Pun Champion, which led to book deal with the UK’s biggest publisher, Random house/Penguin. ‘Cheep Laughs’ features over 1000 of his cartoons and gags.  Later that year Darren flew to Texas to compete in the World Pun Championships, dressed as a chicken and baffling the locals with his strange British accent.

In 2015 he performed on the “BBC Presents…” showcase and after the Fringe, Darren was invited by the BBC once more to appear in their iWonder series for iPlayer.  Darren also created the London Punderground which went viral on social media, he was also asked by the Metro to review Gold’s cracker joke entries.

In 2016, Darren Appeared on The One Show to assist in a ad-lib joke-writing experiment, and STV slightly bruised.

Darren Walsh: S’PUN

Thursday 13th July

The Back Room of The Star Inn



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You can catch Darren in his 2nd show at Guildford Fringe Festival


The Back Room of The Star Inn



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One of the Top 10 Jokes of the 2016 Ed Fringe is coming to Guildford!

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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