For one night only you can enjoy two healthy helpings of new progressive writing.

The new and innovative theatre company ‘Tickled Gecko’, founded by graduates from The Forge Initiative Course, offers up two shows for audiences of Guildford Fringe Festival. After the success of their show ‘Henners’ at The Clapham Fringe in October the company now perform it on the Guildford stage, along with the debut of their new show ‘Heroines’. Their original shows, which the company completely devised and wrote from scratch, take place at the The Backroom of the Star Inn on July 11th at 7:30pm and 9:00pm consecutively.


Their new show ‘Heroines’ reveals what happened to Shakespeare’s most famous female leads after the curtain has come down.

Set in the backdrop of a modern day ‘Pre-Drinks’ party, these young women stumble through their night and secretly reveal their inner thoughts through a collection of monologues.

Touching on many issues such as feminism, miscarriages, friendship and what it truly means to be a woman; this poignant play shows the real struggle of 21st century women and the lasting implications of the bard’s famous stories.

Following this, is their long standing show ‘Henners’. This hilarious play answers the question: what would happen if Henry VIII and his six wives were subjected to couples counselling?

This historically ‘accurate’ show features all six of Henry’s Queens as they struggle to live with a moody, pretentious and power hungry king.


Drawing on real historical research and pop-culture references the company create a farcical zoom through all of the relationships in Henry’s life.

From a bubbly but controlling Jane Seymour to a naive, struggling Anne of Cleaves to the great foolish King himself no character is left unexplored and lifeless. Tickled Gecko’s audiences have coined the show a “genuine adult version of Horrible Histories”.

Tuesday 11th July

The Back Room of The Star Inn


7:30pm – Tickled Gecko presents Heroines

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9:00pm – Tickled Gecko presents Henners

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Budding Theatre Company Stages Double-Bill at Guildford Fringe Festival.

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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