Simon Caine is 28-years-old. As a result, everyone is under the impression he’s an adult, but he feels closer 16. He is unsure of his place in life, he’s easily confused by the world around him and suffers with a daily existential crisis.

This year Simon lost two grandparents to cancer, then moved out from under his parents’ roof for good (he hopes). He moved in with a super-slick, calm and collected flatmate (in other words he got a cat). Join him for an hour(ish) of hilarity (maybe) about having a girlfriend (honestly), yoga, meditation, depression, death, suicide & how real life cats aren’t what Youtube makes them out to be.

If you got your idea of adulthood from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. but reality hasn’t lived up to the expectation, if you live more in your head than in the moment and if you feel connected online and profoundly disconnected from people offline, then this is the show for you.

Simon Caine Buddhism and Cats

Simon Caine has been performing stand up for over 4 years. He’s done over 500 gigs and taken part in 2 Edinburgh Fringe shows. This will be his second solo show.

Most recently Simon has got to the final of the Laughing Horse New Act Competition 2014. He’s also come close (but failed to win) Reading New Act Competition 2012 (finalist), the Comedy Store Gong Show (2 times finalist), You Must Be Joking 2011 (finalist) and the Reading New Act Competition 2011 (runner up).


“One of the best things I’ve seen this fringe. Charming, endearing and honest comedy which is genuinely funny!” – Comedian Tom Appleton (2014).

“one of the best sets I have seen” – Comedian Nick Root (2014)


Thursday 21st July


The Back Room of The Star Inn

Tickets £6


Buddhism & Cats comes to Guildford Fringe Festival

By Guildford Fringe Festival

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